'Jeremy Corbyn will crack down on tax dodging', says Ken Livingstone

'Jeremy Corbyn will crack down on tax dodging, that's why he was smeared in the election', says Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about the Paradise Papers

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ken Livingstone has claimed Jeremy Corbyn would crack down on tax dodging if he was in power and that's why "smears and appalling distortions" were used against him in election campaigning.

Leaked documents dubbed the Paradise Papers have shown several high profile figures to be using offshore banking in order to pay less tax. So far those who have appeared in the papers include the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Apple and the Queen's private estate.

Julia Hartley-Brewer claimed "nobody when they actually get into power actually carries a crackdown on tax dodging, because frankly they’re addicted to the cold hard cash these wealthy [party] donors have." Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone agreed.

But he said politicians "will do anything to stop a Jeremy Corbyn government because they know he will crack down on tax dodging."

He also believes "that’s why there was all these smears and appalling distortions about Jeremy [Corbyn] and what he believed in the last election."

Livingstone went on to claim "you should say to firms that are dodging their tax responsibilities that if you don’t comply with this, we will put your tax into a tax on turnover" but "you wouldn’t apply it to honest firms that are paying their fair share."

However Julia argued "either it applies to everyone or no one." She claimed "you can’t legally do that" and "this is just populist nonsense."

Julia also pointed out Labour's London headquarters are rented from a tax-exempted property trust fund.

The former Labour member argued this is from "the legacy of [Tony] Blair" and "Jeremy [Corbyn] is concentrated on winning the election not moving our headquarters."

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