Jeremy Corbyn will destroy the union by backing 'No' in Scottish referendum, says former Labour MP

Indyref: 'Jeremy Corbyn's mandate is to destroy the Labour Party, not the UK', says columnist Tom Harris

The Labour leader has landed in hot water over comments made at the weekend about Scottish independence

Monday, March 13, 2017

A former Labour MP in Scotland has ridiculed Jeremy Corbyn and his comments on Scottish independence, saying he will cause untold damage if he intervenes in any future referendum.

Tom Harris said Mr Corbyn must stay out of the Scottish secession debate, saying the Labour leader "has a mandate to destroy the Labour Party, but he doesn't have one to destroy the United Kingdom."

Mr Corbyn has said he wouldn't oppose a new referendum, but suggested independence would be "catastrophic" for the Scottish people.

Harris, who is now a columnist for the Daily Telegraph, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "If he [Mr Corbyn] performs the same magic for the 'No' campaign in the next referendum as he did for the Remain campaign in 2016, we'll see an independent Scotland. 

"The future of the UK's far more important than any political party - for that reason alone, we need to replace Mr Corbyn with a more attractive figurehead for the union. 

"If Mr Corbyn [gets involved], it'll be a massive boost for the SNP."

Harris also said that while SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is "trying to look as if she is controlling events", she doesn't actually want a referendum as she fears she might lose.