Jeremy Corbyn will lose 'hundreds of thousands' of young voters if he lets them down on Brexit, says anti-Brexit campaigner

Jeremy Corbyn will lose "hundreds of thousands" of young voters if he lets them down on Brexit

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Will Dry, co-President of Our Future Our Choice has said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will lose young voters in the next general election if he “lets down the hundreds of thousands of young people” on Brexit.

Mr Dry called for the Labour leader to back a People's Vote, as Mr Corbyn leads a motion of no-confidence in Theresa May's government. 

He told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes: “If Jeremy Corbyn lets down the hundreds of thousands of young people who voted for him and made him Labour leader and defended him after that, he will simply lose them in the next general election.

“I do not see him winning in the university towns where he did so well in the next general election.”


'Not good for young people' 

Mr Dry added that Mrs May's Brexit deal was "not good for young people". 

This comes as the Prime Minister was defeated by a majority of 230 on her Brexit deal. 

“We believe Brexit, and particularly the Brexit deal that Theresa May has negotiated, is not good for young people.

“It is going to leave us poorer, with less opportunities and that is why we do not think it is good enough for our future.

“We want a People’s Vote so that the public, and particularly young people, can exercise their right over whether they want this future.”