Jeremy Corbyn would be forced to abandon Brexit as he couldn't get a good deal, says UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn

'If Jeremy Corbyn wins the election, Brussels will only offer us a bad deal', says UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn

Patrick O'Flynn took part in the debate (Stock image)

Friday, June 2, 2017

UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn has warned that if Jeremy Corbyn wins the general election, he'll be forced to keep us in the European Union as Brussels will only offer a bad deal.

He made the comments during a SunTalks debate alongside Boris Johnson, Emily Thornberry and Vince Cable.

O'Flynn claimed: "My bigger concern is listening to Jeremy Corbyn today, who says he won't leave with what he considers a bad deal.

"Which gives Brussels complete incentive to only offer a bad deal and Jeremy Corbyn will keep us in the European Union."

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