'Jeremy Corbyn's speech is grotesquely timed and deepens Manchester victims' pain', says man who fled Taliban

'Jeremy Corbyn's speech is grotesquely timed and deepens Manchester victim's pain', says Human Security Centre

Jeremy Corbyn made a speech on terrorism today

Friday, May 26, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's speech is grotesque in its timing and will only deepen the pain of families affected by the Manchester terror attack, according to a thintank director who fled the Taliban.

Rohullah Yakobi said the Labour leader said there is a link between the UK's foreign wars and the domestic terror threat, and vowed to change Britain's international policy.

Yakobi, who runs the Human Security Centre, told Julia Hartley-Brewer a serious responsible leader would have said justice would be delivered to the perpetrators of the Manchester attack.

Instead, he believes Corbyn is deepening the pain of victims as he is doubting their innocence and giving ammunition to people who want to do us harm.

Yakobi, who fled the Taliban when he was 12, said foreign policy can be debated at any time that such a conversation is suitable - but today is not the time.

But Julia argued that whether or not there has been an attack, Corbyn has a right to say what he believes.

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