Jeremy Corbyn's Stalinist clique just aren't very bright, says columnist

Oliver Kamm said Corbyn would be a weak Prime Minister

Oliver Kamm tore into the Corbynistas on Sam Delaney's show

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's inner circle are lacking in the basic intelligence to run Britain, according to a leading commentator.

Oliver Kamm spoke to talkRADIO after it emerged that the committee which decides speakers at Labour Party Conference has had a shake-up and moderates such as Sadiq Khan Andy Burnham will not be speaking this year. Some people are claiming it amounts to a power grab by Corbyn's supporters.

Kamm, who writes for The Times, has been fiercely critical of the shake-up, and described Corbyn's supporters as a "Stalinist clique" in his column.

Today he explained his concerns to talkRADIO, saying Labour has become a "hard-left, dogmatic movement that is inconsistent with its values," before suggesting that key Corbynistas such as Richard Burgon "just aren't very bright.

"They're not up to the job of a credible opposition to a dysfunctional and weak Conservative government."

Sam suggested that Labour performed well at the last election, but Kamm responded by pointing out that Jeremy Corbyn didn't actually win, and most people who voted Labour thought he had no chance of winning, so treated their choice as a protest vote.

If Corbyn were ever to win an election he would "very weak and very poor Prime Minister", Kamm continued. As evidence, he cited the fact that Corbyn is against austerity but also advocates leaving the single market - something which, in Kamm's view, will only make austerity worse.