Jeremy Hunt £44,000 bathroom 'symptomatic of government spending', says Theresa May's former comms director

Perrior says the claim would be typical of her own experience

Jeremy Hunt has denied the claims about his '£44,000 bathroom'

Monday, August 14, 2017

Theresa May's former communications director has said reports of a £44,000 bill to install a bathroom for Jeremy Hunt are "symptomatic" of how the Government spends. 

A report published online by The Sun online on Sunday claimed the Health Secretary had ordered a private bathroom, with floor-to-ceiling slate tiles, so he can "freshen up" after cycling to work.

Hunt has refuted this report, saying it was "false" on Twitter:

But Katie Perrior said that, if the report is true, it is typical of her experience in Downing Street. 

Perrior, who quit in April after May called the snap general election, told Paul Ross: "You’ve got to take these stories with a pinch of salt, but the problem is this is symptomatic to me of government spending.

"I remember rocking up to the office one day and pointing out there was a new sofa in the corner.  It cost four grand. Four grand for a sofa.

"I could get a sofa for £600. I looked at it thinking that it told me everything I needed to know."

Despite this, the former Downing Street advisor said this project would not have undertaken by Hunt himself.

"Jeremy Hunt would not have gone out and spent 44,000 grand on a bathroom," she said.

"He’d have pointed out it would have been a good idea for facilities close to where people worked, showers for cyclists.

"Next thing you know, some bright spark would have come up with a £44,000 bathroom, with 4,000 pounds worth of slate tiles."

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