Jeremy Hunt treats NHS Trust bosses like football managers, says Corbyn's health spokesman

'NHS Trust bosses are treated like football managers and take all the flack', says shadow health minister

The NHS has postponed non-urgent operations

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Shadow health minister Justin Madders has said NHS Trust bosses are treated "more like football managers" as they "take all the flack."

He made the comments after NHS England announced that tens of thousands of non-urgent operations could be postponed until the end of January because of winter pressures.

Madders told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I think...there is a tendency at the moment to sort of make the NHS Trust bosses more like football managers in the sense that they take all the flack and they’re the ones who get fired by the health secretary."

He suggests bosses affected by that fact “we’re losing GPs we’ve got more nurses and midwives leaving than joining.

“All sorts of specialisms across the country are having recruitment problems.”

The MP also said the winter crisis “is happening sort of every year now it ought to be something we can really predict a little bit better.

“Everyone except probably Jeremy Hunt warned that this would happen unless extra steps were taken.”

If Labour were in power, Madders said, “we would certainly lift the pay cap but we would also recruit more staff.

“We set out in our manifesto an increased investment of around 6 billion a year for the NHS and social care,” he added, while saying Labour would prioritise “long-term planning particularly in terms of workforce.”

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