Jeremy Hunt will fight for a ‘Brexit for everybody’ as PM

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Conservative MP Alistair Burt has said if the Party gets Brexit wrong it will soon face the wrath of voters at a general election.

The Jeremy Hunt supporter told talkRADIO’s Alastair Stewart he stands by his man in his refusal to lock in October 31 as an absolute deadline.

“I think the litmus test is whether we come out of the European Union well. Of course it’s got to be sooner than later and Jeremy Hunt has made that clear,” he said.

“What he’s also said is if there is a deal available which is good for the United Kingdom, which is good for business, good for employment, good for regulation, good for agriculture, he’s not going to let it go because it might happen on November the 6th.”

At last night’s talkRADIO debate Mr Hunt reiterated he plans to leave the EU by October 31, but is willing to extend if a deal is in sight.

He said if the next leader is not careful, he could “trip” into a general election.

“We might well give the keys to Downing Street to somebody who will never deliver Brexit. And that will be the biggest betrayal,” he said.

In response leadership rival Boris Johnson said delaying or calling an election would be the “height of folly”.

“Well how many days? Is that three days, is that six days? You’ve said you’d be prepared to wait until Christmas, which Christmas is it?” he said.

Mr Burt said “nobody wants to leave with no deal” and he believes Mr Hunt can restart negotiations.

“I think that when the European Union sees that we have a new Prime Minister, very determined to get a deal but also prepared to leave with no deal which is Jeremy Hunt’s position, they will want to negotiate because it’s in our interests,” he said.

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