Jeremy Hunt would ‘love’ to have Boris Johnson in cabinet

Jeremy Hunt was addressing party members in Exeter

Friday, June 28, 2019

Jeremy Hunt has offered Boris Johnson a role in his cabinet should he claim victory in the leadership race.

At a hustings in Exeter, he joked that he would make his leadership rival the "Secretary of State for Collective Responsibility".

On a more serious note, he said he would “love” to have Mr Johnson in his cabinet.

“Boris is someone of enormous talent. He's changed the course of our history through his leadership of the Leave campaign and he should always have a very big role in taking things forward,” he said.

“In terms of what role he would have, I think that's a discussion that I would have with him in that situation. Would I serve him? Of course - we're in an incredibly difficult situation.”

Mr Johnson was more reticent in promising to give his opponent a job should he claim victory.

“Of course, there is a wealth of talent on the Conservative benches but anything I say now about the future shape or personnel of the administration I lead would be counted as measuring the curtains,” he said.

“I have a very, very high regard for Jeremy but... I am not making commitments to anybody because you would not expect that.”

Mr Johnson also took a moment to deny calling the French “turds” whilst serving as Foreign Secretary.

He said: “I have no recollection of this comment but I noticed that it... it's not very well sourced this story.”

The pair kept proceedings civil during the question and answer session with Conservative Party members.

Mr Hunt said: “I think one of the important things is not to, as Conservatives... not to spend too much time tearing great lumps out of each other in advance of the end of the contest.”

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