Jeremy Kyle Show guest 'took own life'

Police are not treating Steve Dymond's death as suspicious

Police are not treating Steve Dymond's death as suspicious

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

ITV has been urged to cancel The Jeremy Kyle Show following the apparent suicide of a guest.

The controversial day time reality TV programme was removed from the air indefinitely after 63-year-old Steve Dymond, who failed a lie-detector test on the programme, died a week after the programme was filmed.

It is believd Mr Dymond died from an overdose, and police are not treating his death as suspicious.

Mr Dymond had failed a lie detector test on the show whilst trying to convince his fiancée Jane Callaghan that he had remained faithful to her, but the pair later split up.

Ms Callaghan told The Sun: "I can't see Steve taking his life without explaining it to me first. But he always said he would never love someone else."

She added Mr Dymond had been "quietly struggling", but praised the show's team for their after-care efforts.

ITV said staff on the show's production team were "shocked and saddened" at the death, and the episode will be reviewed.

Monday morning's episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show did not air and ITV has now removed all episodes of the programme from its on-demand service and past episodes will not air on ITV2.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos was a psychologist on the first series of Big Brother, and told talkRADIO: “I think what has happened over the years is that we’ve gotten used to reality TV and it has become more and more extreme.”

“It’s not just about getting a few psychologists on the show to say you’re ok; we need a holistic approach to show transparency.”

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