Jerermy Corbyn following Tony Blair's advice would be suicide, says pro-Brexit trade unionist

'Labour following Tony Blair's advice would be strategy of madness', says Brexiteer

Tony Blair claims Labour is timid over Brexit

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A leading Brexiteer has claimed Labour following Tony Blair's advice would be a "strategy of madness" as it would increase tensions in the party.

Blair has criticised Labour for its "timidity" over Brexit and claims the party would deliver an exit from the EU which has been created by the "Tory right." The former Prime Minister has also called on Labour to fight for another referendum.

Paul Embery, from campaign group Trade Unionists Against the EU, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that if Labour fought against Brexit the disagreements between the party and the ordinary working class would widen.

He also claimed it would be "suicide" for the party to enter a general election after Britain leaves the EU, on a manifesto saying they'd put the UK back into the union.

Embery said: "I do think that if Labour were to adopt the stance that [Blair is] recommending, which is effectively 'let’s stop Brexit' ...then the chasm that has emerged over the recent years between the party and those ordinary working-class voters... will simply widen.

"For all the triumph there is among Labour people actually what happened in the general election, actually there’s a real problem."

He also said that, once Brexit is complete, "it would be suicide [for Labour] t go into the election with [a commitment to going back inside the EU] because I don’t think they would win an election on that basis."

Embery claims a second referendum on Brexit would mean EU leaders would have no incentive "to offer us anything decent if they know a 'no' vote to any deal is going to keep us inside the EU" as they're "desperate to keep us inside."

He added that it would "prove the point of those 17 million-plus voters who voted Brexit in the first place, because of the fact that they felt the political establishment in this country had stopped listening to them."

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