Jerry Springer: 'We need to stop recruiting terrorists with anti-Muslim policies'

Jerry Springer on World Jewish Relief and dealing with 'divided society'

The famous host spoke to Paul Ross on the Full Set Breakfast this morning

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jerry Springer has said countries such as Britain and the United States need to stop "recruiting terrorists" in a "backhanded way" via hard-line policies against Muslims.

The legendary talkshow host, who presents a popular weekend show on talkRADIO, spoke to Paul Ross this morning about the state of attacks which have engulfed the UK and other countries in recent weeks.

Springer said there is currently a "pall" over Britain but there are things we can do to limit the scourge of terrorism. As an example, he cited Donald Trump's oft-criticised rhetoric against Muslims. 

Such aggressive policies, Springer said, mean that when "some kid sitting in his bedroom in the middle of the country, upset about his life" goes online, "he sees 'oh my god, these people are against me.' So they join up and they do these horrible things."

The interviewee continued by saying that America, and to a lesser extent the UK, are guilty of "bad decisions that we're paying for now.

"Sstarting a war in Iraq, when it had nothing to do with 9/11, that certainly didn't build up support. Our whole issue with how we deal with immigrants, that creates resentment.

"That's what needs to be looked at rather than always... [going] on with our lives as if nothing happened."

Springer also about his work with the World Jewish Relief fund.

He said: "Most of my family was exterminated in the Holocaust, but my parents got two visas to come to England, three weeks before Hitler went into Poland.

"They needed a sponsor, and a person from World Jewish Relief sponsored my parents."

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