Jerusalem army draft office 'comes under attack by ultra-Orthodox protestors'

Protestors 'try to set fire to army draft office in Jerusalem'

Ultra-Orthodox protestors have staged several demonstrations

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Jerusalem army draft office has allegedly come under attack by ultra-Orthodox protestors who tried to set fire to the building.

A video of the alleged incident was uploaded online by the Hadrei Haredim website today (November 21) and it is claimed that it was filmed yesterday (November 20).

In the video it appears to show protestors stopping people from leaving or entering the office whilst they tried to light two fires at the entrance, according to The Times Of Israel.

The army has also suggested the protestors attempted to start fires on signs and other items and a spokesperson said "there were no injuries. There was of course some property damage, but nothing too serious."

The spokesperson went on to say that suspects are now being investigated by the police in Israel.

Several demonstrations have been held in Israel this week following the decision of the Jaffa Military Court to imprison 11 ultra-Orthodox "draft dodgers."

Police have so far arrested 32 protestors this week, as the debate on whether ultra-Orthodox men studying in yeshivas should take part in compulsory military service.