Jerusalem: 'Donald Trump has lit a match and thrown it onto cloth doused in petrol', says Mike Graham

Israel's capital: 'Donald Trump has lit a match and thrown it onto cloth doused in petrol', says Mike Graham

Palestinians have already protested over Donald Trump's decision

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mike Graham has described Donald Trump's decision on Jerusalem as igniting a pile of cloth which has been doused in petrol.

The US President has officially recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, going back on decades of US foreign policy. This has caused anger from many across the world who think it could jeopardise peace between Israel and Palestine. Palestinians regard east Jerusalem as part of a future state.

The talkRADIO presenter and his co-host Lembit Opik spoke to US radio presenter and political commentator Michael Graham about the matter.

Mike said: "Suddenly Donald Trump literally lights a match, throws the match onto sort of a collection of cloths which have been soaked in petrol, which have been sitting quite happily without being ignited and he’s now ignited them."

But Graham questioned "where the hell is this peace process" that has been allegedly disturbed by Trump. Mike claimed "I think there has been relative peace" between Israel and Palestine, but it's far from a halcyon period for the troubled region.

Lembit backed up his co-presenter's view, saying this is the "single most provocative thing Donald Trump could do, to say grab that territory."

However Graham explained that he thinks Trump's plan is that "if you start settling items at the table while the Palestinians refuse to come, then that’s pressure on the Palestinians to stop playing the waiting game."

Although he admitted "I’m not saying that that strategy will work because I don’t know that anything will work."​

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