Jewellery firm Pandora removes sexist 'iron or apron' Christmas advert from metro station

Pandora removes 'sexist' Christmas advert from metro station

Pandora is well-known for its charm bracelets

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jewellery company Pandora has taken down an advert at a Milan metro station after it was slammed for sexism.

The advert asked whether onlookers thought an iron, an apron, pyjamas or a Pandora bracelet would make a woman happy.

Many were outraged about the advert including Italian burlesque school LeFanfarlo which posted a photo of the message on Facebook.

It captioned it: “Dear Pandora, for Christmas LeFanfarlo would like respect, rather than a beautiful bracelet," according to The Evening Standard. Others slammed the advert as “sexist and stereotypical."

Pandora has now released a statement on the matter and claimed the advert was “misunderstood."

On its Italian Facebook page it said: “Pandora has always cared about women and this year we want them to find the perfect gift under the tree,” it wrote, according to the Italian media.

“How many of us receive presents we don’t want? This initiative was borne out of research which showed that most women get the wrong gift at Christmas.”

The company also said the advert has been removed as it may be "interpreted as offensive which is completely unintentional. It is an unfortunate situation.

"As a consequence, we have swiftly removed the advertisement. We do apologise for any potential misunderstandings that the advertisement might have caused."