Jihadist content remains 'widely and easily accessible' in the UK, claims author of new report

Jihadist content remains 'widely and easily accessible' in the UK, claims think tank representative

Martin Frampton from the think tank spoke to Julia about its findings (Stock photo)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The author of a new report on extremist content online has claimed it remains easily accessible, despite measures to remove it.

A report by the Policy Exchange found the UK was the fifth-biggest audience in the world for jihadist content on the internet, after Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the US. 

The study also examined the methods in which Islamic State disseminates its content online. 

Dr Martyn Frampton, the co-head of security and extremism at the think tank, was responsible for the report and he told talkRADIO this morning there were some major concerns flagged up by the report.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "What our report shows is the scale of this material and its availability online is fairly consistent over two to three years.

"The concerning aspect of this is we’ve seen numerous initiatives and victories announced of how many accounts have been taken down and content removed, and it doesn’t seen to be making an impact.

"This content remains widely and easily acceptable, and the concern must be the impact this has on our society.

“I think that underlines the scale of the challenge we face in the UK, what a serious issue this is in a UK context."

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