Jihadist handed life prison sentence for 'Allahu Akhbar' knife rampage in German supermarket

Jihadist handed life prison sentence for knife rampage in German supermarket

Ahmad Alhaw was due to be deported after his asylum application failed

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A jihadist has been jailed for life after killing one man and wounding several others in a supermarket in Germany.

Failed asylum seeker Ahmad Alhaw rampaged through a shop in Hamburg last year with an eight-inch knife, taken from the shop itself, while shouting "Allahu Akhbar” which means 'god is great' in Arabic. 

The incident left a 50-year-old man dead and six others injured, according to The Local.

A group of people, many of them migrants, were outside the shop at the time and threw chairs and rocks at Alhaw, preventing him from escaping until the police arrived at the scene. 

The Palestinian was actually due to be deported following the failure of his asylum application, however his deportation had been delayed whilst authorities waited for the necessary documents.

The prosecution claimed Alhaw's motive was radical Islam, adding that he wanted to kill Germans as revenge for the suffering of Muslims around the world. Prosecutors said he then wanted to be killed himself, so he could become a martyr.

There is no evidence that he was linked to Islamic State or any other extremist groups, although he is said to have watched Isis propaganda videos.

Alhaw pleaded guilty to murder and assault, saying his attack was god's will. Earlier this month he appeared in court and said "unfortunately I can't turn back time" and "all I can do is to ask you for forgiveness."