Jim Broadbent joins Game of Thrones cast - but will he play a general, a priest, or Maester Marwyn?

Jim Broadbent joins the Game of Thrones cast, but who will he play?

Speculation has begun about which character Jim Broadbent will play

Thursday, September 1, 2016

With news that Jim Broadbent has been announced as new member of the Game of Thrones cast, the internet has gone into overdrive with speculation about what sort of character the legendary actor will play. 

It has been reported that he'll have a "significant" role in the programme, despite only filming for one week. However, the character he plays has not been revealed.

But early front-runner comes courtesy of the website Watchers on the Wall, which has revealed recent casting notices for the show. Of the variety of notices available, we have picked out three that could fit Broadbent's profile.

One of these notices referred to as a general, who is aged between 40 and 55 uses the "the British RP accent" - which seems right up Broadbent's street. Although he might seem a little old for this part, GoT's directors have form for choosing actors older than the characters they are playing - Ian McShane, who played a character in his 40s at the age of 73, being a notable example. 

Another casting call was issued for a merchant in his 40s, which might be pushing it a bit - Broadbent could get away with a character at the upper end of the 40-55 bracket, but even a character of 48 or 49 would probably be too much. The idea of him playing a salesman, even a salesman in a land of dragons, doesn't ring true to us either.

More viable is the notice for a priest in his 60s, white and with a British accent. This role might appear to suit Broadbent more, particularly given his penchant for playing lugubrious authority figures. Last year he portrayed a vicar in the British-Canadian film Brooklyn, so would have no problem donning the ecclesiastical robes.

Yet fans of the book have suggested the general and priest ideas are red herrings - Broadbent's true role will actually be that of Maester Marywn, a map creator and student of warlocks, who could potentially intersect with Daenerys' plans. Of all the theories doing the rounds, this seems to have the most traction among GoT's fanboys and fangirls.

The casting notices suggests the role of Marwyn will be non-combat, but the character's ethnicity and race are not specified. This suggests the character could appear in Essos, or a new location now Daenerys is travelling. A new location would require high-profile actors to build recognition with the audience, and they don't come much more high-profile than Braodbent.

Of course there are plenty of other possibilities - Broadbent could be thrown into a role none of us has even heard of. Yet the timing of the casting notices seems more than a coincidence. 

At talkRADIO our money is on the general - it fits his profile and his natural gravitas. The chaos and turmoil of Westeros requires someone with  integrity and oratorical skills to sort it out. We reckon Broadbent's the man.