Jimmy Choo advert featuring Cara Delevingne slammed for 'sexism'

Jimmy Choo advert featuring Cara Delevingne slammed for 'sexism'

Cara Delevingne stars in the advert

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fashion company Jimmy Choo has been criticised for releasing an advert showing men "catcalling" a woman in New York.

It shows Cara Delevingne in a dress and Jimmy Choo boots walking along a street whilst men comment on her shoes.

But many on social media have questioned how appropriate the advert is, especially as there has been much focus on sexual harassment following a string of high-profile allegations.

Jimmy Choo has not yet commented on the matter, but it seems the shoe giant, featured prominently in Sex and the City, is reaping a whirlwind of bad publicity.

One Twitter user said: "In the current climate of sexual misconduct allegations and convictions jimmy choo put out a catcalling ad....this is the best way they could think to promote their product? have strangers shout at you that they like them on you?? i’m creeped."

Another tweeted: "How about we leave catcalling in 2017. Jimmy Choo is cancelled."

Whilst another said "can someone please tell the fashion industry that we have jobs and money now? They seem to keep selling exclusively to the men in our lives with these campaigns. Someone should let them know."

Here's a link to the advert, so you can decide for yourselves.