Jimmy Doherty talks Jimmy's Farm and the magic of barley

Presenter Jimmy Doherty on Jimmy's Farm and the wonders of barley

The man of Jimmy's Farm fame gave us some sage advice about food

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Presenter Jimmy Doherty swung by the talkRADIO studios for a chat today. 

Best known for his show Jimmy's Farm, which chronicled his experience of setting up an agricultural business from scratch, Doherty provided some sage food advice, including how beneficial barley can be for your health. 

"There's a massive interest in what's the next superfood," he told Paul Ross. "Barley, the simple grain used in beer manufacturing, grows all over the countryside. 

"The thing about barley, it's very good for you, it's very filling, and it helps suppress your appetite.

"It's packed full of micronutrients, and it's very good for your gut."

Apparently even the Spartans used to eat barley (anyone else getting the mental image of Gerard Butler shouting "THIS IS BARLEY!?" Just us then...)

Watch the full interview above!