Jo Swinson brands local election result ‘a Lib Dem fightback’

Jo Swinson brands local election result ‘a Lib Dem fightback’

Friday, May 3, 2019

The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats has said that the success of the party in the local elections was “a Lib Dem fightback”.

The party has gained over 450 seats, with 77 councils yet to declare.

Jo Swinson told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that it had been “a stunning night for the Liberal Democrats”.

“This is a great Lib Dem comeback and it is a Lib Dem fightback,” she said.

“Clearly there is a government that is in a shambles but what we also have is an opposition that is completely failing.”

Both the Conservatives and Labour have lost seats in the elections, with the former losing over 780 councillors.

Ms Swinson said that Brexit supporters were not “happy” with the parties.

“The Conservatives and Labour are messing up this Brexit process and Brexit supporters are not happy with them,” she said.

“For those like myself who passionately believe that Britain’s best place is in the European Union, Labour are totally letting down their voters.

“This ought to have been a night where they should have made gains but they are also being punished as well for their lack of clarity on Brexit. That has come back to haunt them now.”

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