Jo Swinson: Even Gove against no-deal Brexit

Jo Swinson is in talks with Labour over Brexit

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Jo Swinson has said it would be “anti-democratic” for Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament in order to carry out a no-deal Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats leader told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer Britain is facing a “moment of national crisis”.

“A no-deal Brexit where we would crash out would threaten our public services, we would be looking at food and medicine shortages, and it’s absolutely vital that the voice of the people is heard in this,” she said.

“MPs are saying very clearly that we cannot rob people of their democratic right to choose their future. What is being proposed now is so different to what was on the table in 2016.”

Ms Swinson has been meeting with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss his plan for a no-confidence vote leading to a national unity government led by the Labour leader.

She said she is “not precious” about who the caretaker Prime Minister should be, but she does not believe Mr Corbyn could command enough parliamentary support to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats have continued to push for an extension of Article 50, followed by a vote on the Brexit deal to give Britons a “chance to choose their future”.

“At the moment I can’t hand on heart say I have any confidence that there is a majority in this country for any particular type of Brexit and I think that’s hugely dangerous for the government to go down the path of delivering that,” she said.

“For MPs to just go ahead with that without checking with people, I think people would have a right to feel aggrieved.”

She added: “Even Michael Gove who led the Vote Leave campaign said we didn’t vote to leave without a deal. That was not was on offer in 2016 and yet that is effectively the policy of this government.”

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