Jo Swinson: 'I'm running to be the next Prime Minister'

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Jo Swinson has confirmed her plans to run for Prime Minister if a general election is called.

The Liberal Democrat leader said she was confident she would have the support of the public, telling talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer: "The other day there was a poll that suggested that more people thought I'd do a good job as Prime Minister than Jeremy Corbyn."

However, she said a general election at this stage would not be "positive for our country".

"I am up for a general election when it comes, I think the Liberal Democrats are going to do very well, hundreds of seats are in play.

"What I don't think is positive for our country is a general election when there is the risk that we crash out of the EU either in the middle of that campaign or in the immediate aftermath."

After a Bill which would block a no-deal Brexit passed through the House of Commons last night, Boris Johnson said he wanted to call an early election.

But his calls for a poll to be held on October 15 were rejected.

"We are in a very volatile time in politics, we are at a period of seismic change. I think there are millions of people in our country looking for an alternative that will stand up for people who are remainers, who want to stay in the EU and have liberal values, that is why thousands of people are joining the Liberal Democrats, and that includes MPs. We have seen that in recent days," Ms Swinson continued.

"Of course I understand why people who disagree with me are going to find frustrating some of the things that I say, but that is the essence of democratic debate that you don't always agree."

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