Job advert asking applicants to 'deal with male banter' slammed for sexism

Job advert asking applicants to 'deal with male banter' slammed for sexism

The advert was posted on Reed and The Guardian Jobs (Stock image)

Friday, January 26, 2018

A job advert has been criticised for sexism, as it states applicants should be able to "deal with male banter."

The executive assistant and investor relations advocate role was published on Reed and The Guardian Jobs by RMS Recruitment agency.

In its "skills and personality" requirements, the advert asks for applicants to have a "good personality," which is where it claims this means the “ability to deal with the male banter and be sociable but not distracting."

It also calls on those applying to be emotionally intelligent and capable of handling high net-worth individuals, according to

A screenshot of the advert was posted on Twitter and it has been described as like reading an advert from the past.

Others have also claimed the phrase "male banter" is really an excuse for harassment.

One Twitter user said: “Why don’t they just say “Must be able to deal with rampant misogyny and snobbery from both colleagues and clients”?”

Another commented: "For “Banter” read rudeness or harassment at my pleasure."

Some have also shown concern that it appears to imply they want to employ a female candidate. One Twitter user said: “Makes it look like they’ll only consider women for the job. Doesn’t the UK have rules about that kind of thing."

The advert has now been deleted from both Reed and The Guardian Jobs.

A spokesperson for The Guardian told the International Business Times it was "unacceptable" and the advertiser has been told the language was "inappropriate." The advertiser's account has also been suspended.