‘Job not over’ despite ISIS defeat

ISIS Beghouz

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces walks through the remains of the last ISIS stronghold in Beghouz.

Monday, March 25, 2019

A former soldier and defence expert has warned that the UK must remain vigilant following the defeat of the last Islamic State stronghold in Syria.

Hamish De Bretton Gordon told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes that the group has urged its disciples to commit retaliatory attacks in the West.

"While there is a time for celebration, sadly the job is not over," Mr De Bretton Gordon said.

“We must now be very vigilant for potential attacks in the UK, US and other countries that led to their defeat.

Mr De Bretton Gordon said he was concerned that a growing humanitarian crisis in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib could lead to renewed extremism.

The province has been badly hit by winter flooding, and is reported to have been taken over by a coalition force containing extremist forces.

Mr De Bretton Gordon added: “I have grave concerns that we have cut the head off the snake and invested huge capital in destroying Islamic State militarily, but unless we start getting involved particularly in a humanitarian aspect then they could regrow.

“The four million civilians there are starving, they have no medical supplies, and the only people they can turn to for support are al-qaeda and the IS terrorists on the ground who are offering them something.”