Joe Robinson: 'What's happening to him is not justifiable, it's not legal' says fiancée

Joe Robinson and Mira Rojkan

Monday, September 17, 2018

The fiancée of a former soldier sentenced to jail in Turkey for fighting ISIS says what's happening is "not justifiable" or "legal".

Mira Rojkan, 23, told talkRADIO's Matthew Wright that Joe Robinson, who currently faces almost eight years in a Turkish prison "never committed a crime in the territory of Turkey".

"He wanted to go to Syria to help civilians," Ms Rojkan said. "He was never part of combat or fighting, but he helped a lot of civilians and treated injured women and children."

Twenty-five-year-old Joe Robinson was accused of fighting alongside the People's Protection Units of Syrian Kurdistan (YPG), which the Turkish state considers a terrorist organisation. He claims he only spent a month with the group in July 2015, during which time he provided medical support to civilians.

Three months later however, he did fight Islamic State alongside Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq.

The couple were arrested whilst on holiday in Turkey last year, with Ms Rojkan given a suspended sentence for "terrorism propaganda".

"He's a very strong man, and he's been going through this for a year now so anything that happens is not a shock. We're prepared for everthing but he's still devastated and very upset," Ms Rojkan told Wright.

"Joe is a person who has always complied with the law. He's not going to skip town. He's going to wait patiently and receive his justice. That's the biggest prize he can get at the end of it, if he can get justice."

The couple are currently calling on the British government for help.