John Bercow bans Donald Trump: MP Paul Flynn shocks Julia by praising Qatar and Kuwaiti leaders for their 'stability'

Donald Trump: Paul Flynn MP astonishes Julia Hartley-Brewer with 'stability' statement

Our presenter and the MP for Newport West argued over John Bercow voicing his opposition to the US president

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Veteran MP Paul Flynn left Julia Hartley-Brewer astonished by praising the leaders of China, Kuwait and Qatar for bringing "stability" to their country on talkRADIO this morning.

Flynn, a fierce critic of Donald Trump who will shortly open a Parliamentary debate on the petition to block his visit to the UK, spoke to us about John Bercow's decision to prevent the new US President from addressing Parliament.

When Julia pointed out that a number of equally, if not more questionable figures have been welcomed by Bercow to the Commons, Flynn said that at least "they've got stability in those countries."

Julia launched into her interview, saying it was "borderline insanity" to suggest it was ok to endorse the leaders of such countries, and pointing out that Joseph Stalin also brought stability to Russia.

Her 81-year-old interviewee continued by saying Mr Trump was the most dangerous world leader of his lifetime, and suggested Julia should "take some powder" to calm herself down as the debate intensified.

Listen above.