John Bercow is playing to the gallery with Donald Trump ban, says Guido Fawkes editor

Donald Trump Parliament ban: 'John Bercow's objective was to gain cheers and claps', says Guido Fawkes

John Bercow has said that Trump is not welcome to speak in Parliament

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

John Bercow has been lambasted for "virtue-signalling" and "playing to the gallery" in his ban on Donald Trump.

The editor of Guido Fawkes, Paul Staines, also criticised the Speaker of the House of Commons for "running his own foreign policy" in an interview with talkRADIO, after Bercow said Mr Trump is not welcome to address Parliament on his state visit to the UK.

Many have applauded Bercow for taking a stance against the new US President - in fact his comments were clapped and cheered in the Commons yesterday. But Staines had little truck for the gesture.

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer, Staines pointed out that clapping is actually banned in the House of Commons, and rather mischievously asked why Bercow did not enforce it.

While suggesting Bercow has been fair and reasonable in his time as Speaker, Staines said he had previously invited other leaders to address Parliament "without any thought to their repression of homosexuals or women’s rights," echoing comments he made on a Guido Fawkes blog post.

"The double standards that he’s employing here, [suggest] to me that he’s just playing to the gallery," Staines continued.

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