John McAfee: Hackers can cause more damage than a nuclear bomb.. and no-one is safe

John McAfee says every country has the power to take down any other

John McAfee says no-one is safe from hacking

Thursday, January 12, 2017

John McAfee has told talkRADIO that "no-one is safe" from hackers today, and the damage they can cause is even greater than that of a nuclear bomb.

However McAfee added that no-one has adequate protection against the sophisticated hacking practices in use today, rendering even the most sophisticated government systems defenceless.

As the fallout continues from the hack of the Democratic National Committee during the US election, which has been widely attributed to Russia, McAfee said that nation-states can hack into anything they want, and "there are no secrets in the world anymore."

"If the United States believes that their plans for the next-generation stealth bomber are not already in the hands of the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, then they're stupid," he said. "Nothing is safe, nothing. Nothing in our Pentagon, nothing in the Kremlin... nothing is safe."

"It's like everyone has the nuclear bomb, and no-one has a bomb shelter."

McAfee, who founded the eponymous security firm and is now a regular commentator on hacking and cyber-crime, explained that every country has the capacity to take down the power grid of any other country, and if this happened the rival state would simply disappear. "It would be far, far worse than a nuclear war."

Our interviewee estimated that it would cost around $1 trillion for a country such as the US to arm itself against hacking effectively. Although the cost is huge, he said that, if nothing is done, "the world will end in chaos."

Earlier in the interview McAfee said he knew for a fact that Russia was not involved in the US election hack and it was in fact carried out by a bored teenager in his bedroom. You can listen to that segment here.