John McAfee: 'US election hack had nothing to do with Russia - this was a 15-year-old in his bedroom'

A teenager was behind this, says John McAfee

John McAfee believes the hack was seriously unsophisticated

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cyber-security guru John McAfee has told talkRADIO the US election hack had nothing to do with Russia - as it was far, far too unsophisticated.

The US Government ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats last month in retaliation for Russia's alleged hack of the Democratic National Committee's email database. The emails were published by Wikileaks in advance of November's presidential elections. 

However McAfee, founder of the eponymous internet security firm, thinks the hacker was actually a teenager with too much time on his hands.

He told us: "This was one person, a young person, a very inexperienced young person, playing around and deciding to hack the DNC. Why not?

"Clearly it was a teenager. This is clearly the work of a very, very unsophisticated hacker. Some 15-year-old in his bedroom going 'wow, I got into the DNC, good Lord look at these emails.'

"Julian Assange is not known for fabricating, for prevaricating, for lying, and he clearly stated 'No, I did not get this from the Russians' and I can promise he didn't get it from the Russians.

"It may have been a Russian teenager, a British teenager or a South African teenager... but it clearly wasn't anyone with any sophistication in hacking."

McAfee made the comments during an extensive interview with talkRADIO, during which he also discussed the growing prevalence of hacking worldwide, the problems governments are having in protecting themselves against hackers and his own attempts to deliver effective cyber-security solutions through his new company, MGT.

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