John McDonnell faces Labour revolt after Karl Marx comments

John McDonnell faces Labour revolt after Karl Marx comments

John McDonnell faces a Labour revolt

Monday, May 8, 2017

John McDonnell is facing a Labour revolt to unseat him as a shadow chancellor, after he said there's a lot to learn from Karl Marx's Das Kapital.

During an interview with Andrew Marr, he was asked “are you a Marxist?” To which he replied “I believe there’s a lot to learn from reading Kapital, yes of course it is, and that’s been recommended not just by me but many others, mainstream economists as well.”

McDonnell did not go as far as to admit that he is a Marxist. However in 2013 he told activists “I’m straight. I’m honest with people. I’m a Marxist.”

Sources from the shadow cabinet cited by The Telegraph have claimed that the shadow chancellor has done nothing to help the Labour party in the run-up to the general election.

International Trade Secretary Priti Patel said: “The man Jeremy Corbyn wants to make Chancellor believes that the nonsensical ideas of Karl Marx – punitive taxes, closing down businesses and the removal of private property – should be at the heart of Britain’s economic policy.”

However, the sources admitted there was nothing to be done until after the general election as it is now too late to unseat McDonnell, but claimed there would be “no holding back” after the vote.

It is also believed that Labour MPs will attempt to again remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Lasy year McDonnell claimed Corbyn would have to resign as leader if he lost the general election, but recently he has refused to make the same claim.

A Labour source said “If there is a heavy defeat [Jeremy Corbyn] might call a leadership election in which he will be a candidate, but if we lose by less than a landslide he will probably just plough on.

“There is an expectation that [Jeremy Corbyn] will say our message wasn’t being heard by voters, that the media is to blame, but don’t expect him to say he and his team were to blame."