John McDonnell 'let's kick off' video was depressing, but not surprising, says Jamie Reed MP

John McDonnell tape was 'depressing, but not surprising', says Jamie Reed MP

John McDonnell MP

Monday, November 14, 2016

Jamie Reed MP has called out John McDonnell for "encouraging activists to hassle democratically-elected MPs". 

Video footage obtained by The Mail On Sunday revealed the shadow chancellor, Jeremy Corbyn's right-hand man, encouraging left-wing activists to hassle MPs within his own party as well as the Government's Conservative MPs in 2012. 

In the video, he's heard to be saying: "I want to be in a situation where Tory or Labour MPs, wherever they go, it’s f****** kicking off." This has led to a number of MPs criticising the representative for Hayes and Harlington for encouraging backlash against them.

Mr Reed, the Labour MP for Copeland who doesn't see always see eye-to-eye with Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell, called the tape "depressing, but not surprising", and expressed his disapproval of the "undemocratic" behaviour. 

Listen to the full interview above.