John Redwood 'desperate' to get EU money

John Redwood is 'desperate to get our hands' on £39bn sent to EU

Friday, April 12, 2019

Conservative MP John Redwood has said he is “desperate” to get the money the UK sends to Brussels as part of its EU membership.

“We could do even better if instead of sending money to EU, we spend it on our priorities," the MP for Wokingham told talkRADIO’s James Whale.

“I am desperate to get our hands on the money we send to Brussels. I want it for my local schools, social care and tax cuts," he added.

He also said Theresa May should just “go to Brussels and say we are leaving” and claimed the UK had made too many concessions to the EU which prevented the prime minister from getting her deal through the House of Commons.

He also dismissed calls for a second referendum: “The Leave voters I spoke to knew exactly what they were voting for and they were voting to leave the single market, customs union and the European Union and instead govern ourselves,” he said.

“Quite a number of Remain voters accept that parliament promised to implement Brexit and believe we should do just that.

“People are broadly democratic in this country. There are not that many people who think that we should simply ignore the biggest ever vote in our history.”

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