John Redwood MP: 'I haven't heard a single no-deal scare story I believe'

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Conservative MP John Redwood has said he hasn't heard "a single scare story" he believes in regards to leaving the EU without a deal.

Appearing on the breakfast show, the MP for Wokingham said he thought a no-deal Brexit was "a pretty good option".

"I do wish more journalists would ask these people who say it would be cataclysmic or disastrous to leave without a deal, how and why they think that," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.



"I haven't heard a single scare story I believe."

Mr Redwood, who is a member of Eurosceptic pressure group, Leave Means Leave, told breakfast show listeners that suppliers would not stop supplying goods to the UK "just because we've left the EU".

"I haven't heard a single continental supplier saying that they're going to stop supplying to us just because we've left the EU. They want the business and they like our market," he said.

"They will trade with us, the food will come in, the medicines will come in, we will control the ports, we won't mess the ports up, we will buy the imports we want."


'Completely mad'

EU officials hold the withdrawal agreement. Image: Getty

The politician added that he thought the Prime Minister had negotiated in a "weak way" and claimed it would be "completely mad" to accept Ms May's draft Brexit deal as it stands.

"It's completely mad to sign the withdrawal agreement giving them [the EU] huge sums of money, and locking us back into all the laws and rules that we want to get out of without having anything firm and legally tied down on our future relationship.

"We should not as a Parliament sign up to all the bad news of the withdrawal agreement without knowing if there's any good news or not."