John Worboys: 'Parole Board would be really stupid to make same mistake twice', says victim

John Worboys: 'Parole Board would be really stupid to make same mistake twice', says victim

John Worboys' release will be re-considered by the Parole Board

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Parole Board will make the "right decision" on John Worboys now because it would be stupid to make the same mistake twice, a victim has said.

The High Court has quashed a decision by the Parole Board to release Worboys, the man will now remain in prison whilst a new panel considers his release. He has so far served 10 years, including remand time, after being found guilty of rape, sexual assault, attempted assault and drugging.

Chair of the Parole Board Nick Hardwick has also apologised over the matter and resigned, also stating that Justice Secretary David Gauke said his position was "untenable."

One of the victims who brought the case forward, known as DSD, spoke to talkRADIO reporter Alex Dibble.

She said: "I’m thrilled with the decision but I wasn’t surprised at all because when I started these proceedings I had full confidence that mistakes had been made and it was clear that mistakes had been made so I was confident that we were going to win.

"I’ve got every confidence [the Parole Board are] going to make the right decision [now] because all the failures have been highlighted and it would be very very silly to make those mistakes twice. Really they would be stupid to do that, so I’ve got confidence."

She believes Hardwick has been made "made a scapegoat on this and it’s a shame" because it's not "any one particular person's fault" because there have been several failings even "right from the start" when the police didn't accept her story.

"I’m hoping this is going to change things for women because if you have been attacked, you’ve been raped, you need to report it and I hope this has given everybody the confidence it will be dealt with properly next time."

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