John Worboys victim reveals 'horrendous' experience with police made her question her sanity

John Worboys victim reveals 'horrendous' experience with police made her question her sanity

One of John Worboys' victims spoke to Alex Dibble

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A victim of John Worboys has revealed how "horrendous" her experience was with the police when she reported his attack, as it made her question her sanity.

The Metropolitan Police has lost a court case, brought forward by two victims of rapist John Worboys who claimed their treatment by police was against human rights law. The victims are also calling for a judicial review of the decision to release Worboys by the Parole Board.

One of the victims, known as DSD, has spoken out about her feelings following the ruling today (February 21).

She told talkRADIO reporter Alex Dibble that when she first reported Worboys in 2003 it was "absolutely horrendous. But I didn’t know what to do because the police are telling me that it didn't happen.

"You sort of think, because I’ve got no actual memory of what he did to me, it’s only the physical evidence the next day, you start to sort of question your own sanity and think did I imagine it? Did I make it up?"

She said when the judge announced the victims had won it "was a very strange feeling" because "I think I thought we lost because we’ve been waiting literally a year for this decision."

She explained that when she heard: "I was in shock, I couldn’t even stand up. Everybody’s standing up for the judge to leave and I literally couldn’t get on my feet and I was trying to push myself up because I was like 'oh my God we’ve won'."

DSD explained "what he did to me, he’s done to me... I can live with it and I can deal with it for me [but] what I can’t deal with and I can’t move past is the other victims".

She added that Theresa May is "acting like a complete hypocrite" by backing the police, "but then a few weeks ago she’s on the news telling people that she felt desperately sorry for the victims of Worboys because she had a personal friend that was involved in this case.

"Well if you had a personal friend, why are you backing this case?"

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