Jonathan Pie: 'Brexit is going to be a shambles, so let Theresa May get on with it'

Tom Walker on his success as Jonathan Pie, new book, and political events

The actor popped by the studio for a chat with Penny Smith

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The notorious Jonathan Pie revealed more about his success in an interview with Penny Smith. 

Pie - the alter-ego of actor Tom Walker - has risen to prominence on YouTube with a series of impassioned rants about various political events. 

Walker spoke to our presenter about how it all began, as well as his latest project - a book about his experiences called Jonathan Pie: Off The Record.

He explained that Donald Trump did more for his career than he'd ever done - a video responding to his election in 2016 went viral and has to date received more than three million views. 

Listen to the full interview above, and check out the highlights below: