Journalist Alice Beer says women don't suffer 'man flu' because they're too busy

Alice Beer didn't hold back on Eamonn Holmes' show

Alice Beer didn't hold back on Eamonn Holmes' show

Monday, January 29, 2018

TV star Alice Beer says women are too busy to suffer their own version of 'man flu', and men should complain too much.

Beer, the consumer editor on This Morning, was speaking on Eamonn Holmes' show, alongside comedian Geoff Norcott, and some of her comments will have raised eyebrows among male listeners.

Eamonn himself was ill last week, and Beer suggested that maybe a woman would have handled the situation beter.

She said "I'm not a big fan of pointing out the differences but the cold and flu really highlights it.

"Men like to do the one thing they're doing and concentrate on it. Be that a piece of work, or be it flu.

"We are across the board, go back to the old multi-tasking. We're getting on with so many different things. Balancing, balancing, balancing. It's why our handbags are a mess because we can do anything from that bag at any point in our lives.

"So we can have the flu, and a cold, and be doing many, many other things. We cannot indulge one thing at a time."

This compares to a man who "single-mindedly has concentrated on having flu, or having a cold" and so makes it worse.

To back up her controversial theory, Beer said she contracted pneumonia over Christmas without even realising it.

Norcott hit back by pointing out the things that women aren't good at, while Eamonn said women don't moan about colds because "they're too busy moaning about everything else."

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