Journalist claims the Daily Mail is 'bullying' Virgin Trains into selling the paper

Virgin Trains has announced it will no longer sell the paper

The Daily Mail has launched a backlash at Virgin Trains over its decision not to sell the paper

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer tore into a leading journalist this morning after he accused the Daily Mail of bullying in its ongoing row with Virgin Trains.

The rail franchise announced it will stop selling the Mail on its trains, prompting a backlash from the right-wing newspaper.

Benjamin Butterworth, a journalist with LGBT title Pink News, told us that the Mail "attacked Virgin Trains on its East Coast deal, they attacked Virgin Trains on its own politics... I think that's trying to intimidate them into still selling a product."

In response, Julia asked: "You thank that national newspapers, campaigning national newspapers, should not publish major stories about multi-billionaire owners of train lines and owners of publicly funded railways because people might feel a bit offended?

"Do you realise how dumb that sounds?"

Our host added that "Millennials like you, you throw around" words like racism and bullying, and said "this is not what people fought World Wars for."

Butterworth also vehemently opposed claims that the Mail blackout on Virgin Trains amounts to censorship.

He said: "Virgin Trains is ostensibly a private company and it's making a decision for the private company for the profit margins of the private company... to not sell this product.

"Surely in a free society a company can pick and choose the products it sells and it offers to its customers, they way it presents itself as a company, the thoughts and ideas it promotes.

"That's an example of freedom of speech, not a curtailing of it."

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