Judge rules millionaire's son was tricked by wife into giving fortune away

Judge rules millionaire's son was tricked by wife into giving fortune away

The man in Singapore was tricked after his mother's death (Stock image)

Monday, December 18, 2017

The son of a multi-millionaire has managed to void a legal document which would have given away his fortune after he was tricked by his wife into signing it.

The declaration of trust document would have meant the man's assets would have been given to the couple's first child, according to The South China Morning Post.

But a High Court judge in Singapore ruled that the document is void as the woman, who is getting divorced from the man, was attempting to gain his fortune by lying.

The pair had married in 2012 and the man already had many assets from his father’s death. Then in 2014 his mother was murdered and he inherited a fortune.

On the same day that he found out about this, despite not telling his wife immediately, she created a document which would mean his assets were held in a joint trust for their son.

The wife, who is also legally trained, claimed the document would "safeguard" the child in the event of the husband's sudden death.

At first the man said he would not sign the paperwork but was convinced to do so after the women's father, who works as a senior lawyer, gave him incorrect information about how it would affect him legally.

The judge said the man did not change his mind over this but was exploited by his wife, who threatened to kick him out of the house and was vulnerable as he had lost his mother so close to the date of signing the document.

Justice Valerie Thean said: “There is no doubt that the [wife’s] exploitation of the plaintiff’s grief, isolation and lack of independent advice to lay claim to all he owns is properly to be described as an act of oppression and abuse of confidence that shocks the conscience of the court."