Julia asks Ken Livingstone 'if Communist spy claims are untrue, why doesn't Jeremy Corbyn sue?'

Jeremy Corbyn has said the Communist spy allegations are totally without foundation

Jeremy Corbyn has said the Communist spy allegations are totally without foundation

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ken Livingstone has said Jeremy Corbyn has no need to sue the British press - even though he believes the claims that he provided information to a Communist spy are a right-wing media conspiracy.

The Sun has published files purportedly compiled by the Soviet-backed Czech State Security office (StB) in the 1980s, which claimed Corbyn "has an active supply of information on British intelligence services.” One of the StB's former spies, Jan Sarkocy, claims he met Corbyn a number of times in 1986 and 1987, and it has even been claimed that Corbyn furnished the spy with information - although the Labour leader resolutely denies this assertion.

Livingstone has also been accused of meeting Communist spies, and told us he "can't remember" whether he met them or not. However he said he "wasn't on either side" in the Cold War, adding that he and Corbyn were simply "exposing the lies and smears that British and American public were being told."

Far from wishing to overthrow democracy, the former London Mayor said, he and Corbyn actively believe in the system - as demonstrated by their standing for election on various occasions.

Livingstone said there was a deeper issue at work here, saying that the oligarchs who own many British newspapers are "terrified of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister" as they want to "keep being tax-dodgers."

However, when asked by Julia why Corbyn hasn't sued, Livingstone suggested that his long-time friend has no "access" to the media, before saying that he has already made his position perfectly clear - and threatened Tory MP Ben Bradley with legal action after he claimed Corbyn had sold information to the Communists.

'Yes, but...'

Livingstone also said he'll continue to support the Venezuelan government, even though it is bringing chaos and poverty to the country.

He told Julia that the problems in the Latin American country were driven by right-wing elements, backed by the CIA and media spin, adding that the Venezuelan government "has absolutely transformed the quality of life" in the country.

Leading economist Dany Bahar has said Venezuela's refugee crisis could soon eclipse that of Syria. But Livingstone told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Nicolas Maduro's government actually "supports the mass of the population."

When Julia suggested that a Government "supporting the mass of the population wouldn't leave [the people], despite living in one of the most oil-rich countries in the world, scrabbling about in poverty," Livingstone replied "yes, but...."

After a heated exchange with Julia, Livingstone said Chavez had brought "a better world for ordinary Venezuelans", and  claimed "American governments try and destroy any government that's actually looking out for its oil [and] own people.

"I'm sure, in 30 years' time when all these documents come out, we'll find that the CIA has been actively involved in trying to overthrow this government."

Instead of focusing on Maduro's government, Livingstone said, we should be focusing on the "extreme right-wing elements committing terrible violence and murders to try and overthrow a government because it supports the mass of the population."

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