Julia asks Labour education chief Angela Rayner 'why should a cleaner at your kids' school pay for their meals?'

Julia Hartley-Brewer criticises MP Angela Rayner over free school lunch plan

Labour want to introduce free school meals for all primary school children

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has criticised the shadow education secretary Angela Rayner for demanding free schools meals for all primary school children - including those from privileged backgrounds.

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that Labour wants to impose 20% VAT on private schools, in order to fund free meals for all children of primary school age.

But Julia suggested highly-paid individuals, like Rayner herself, shouldn't expect free school meals.

Our presenter said: "You're a highly-paid MP, you're a front-bencher in the Labour party.

"Why on earth should a cleaner on low pay at the school your children attend pay taxes to pay for a highly-paid MP like you to have free free schools for your kids?"

In response, Rayner said the move is not just about free meals, but to "remove the stigma from those children" from poorer backgrounds.

Julia then continued by saying there is "no official evidence that anyone outside the family knows" about a child's free meals, and called the whole idea "nonsense."

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