Julia clashes with feminist Fleet Street Fox over Emma Watson Vanity Fair row

Julia clashes with feminist Fleet Street Fox over Emma Watson Vanity Fair row

Julia criticised Emma Watson for her photos in Vanity Fair (Stock image)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has clashed with the journalist known as the 'Fleet Street Fox' about Emma Watson's Vanity Fair shoot.

Our presenter has been criticised for her comments on Watson's Vanity Fair pictures, and whilst talking to feminist journalist Susie Boniface, she hit back again at those who have criticised her.

Julia, who opened her show by defending her stance on the issue, said that she herself is a feminist, and claimed that this is "nothing to do with feminism". She said "Emma Watson can wear whatever she wants" but added that Watson was opening herself up to mockery over her hypocrisy. 

Boniface did admit that Watson "seems not to like objectification, and yet that is her job," likening this to "a journalist having a real problem with apostrophes."

But the pair clashed when Boniface claimed that women judge one another and say "'if you are showing your breasts you are the wrong sort of woman, you are the wrong sort of feminist.'"

Julia hit back at the accusation, saying "people judge people all the time but the point is, I don’t judge people on what they look like more than what they say.

"Someone like her does have the power to say 'no I’m not posing with half of my boobs on display.' She’s doing exactly what she tells men off for and the Hollywood system off for doing all the time."

Boniface went on to claim that Julia doesn't understand feminism - a suggestion that drew a sharp rebuke from our presenter.

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