Julia grills young activist who says many Brexiteers will be dead by time we leave EU

Femi Oluwole had a head-to-head with Julia this morning

Femi Oluwole had a head-to-head with Julia this morning

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Julia told a young Remain activist "you're willing people to die" on her show this morning, after he told her about the campaign group he has founded to stop Brexit.

Femi Oluwole is the co-founder of Our Future, Our Choice, a campaign for young people who want to stop Brexit.

Appearing in the talkRADIO studio, the interviewee told Julia that "by the time Brexit is anywhere near complete, it won't be the will of the people," suggesting that many people who voted Brexit will be dead by the time Britain finally leaves the EU, tipping the balance back in favour of Brexit.

However this only succeeded in riling our 49-year-old host.

Julia asked "what age do you think I'm going to die," adding that people who smoke or suffer from obesity shouldn't have a vote on the EU as their life expectancy is shorter than the population as a whole.

"You may make it to the ripe old age of 49, and your views may change," Julia continued.

Oluwole also admitted that he is currently running his campaign group unpaid, prompting Julia to suggest that he can't lecture Brexiteers about the national interest.

"Brexit affects the people who go out to work everyday and earn a living," Julia said. "We are the people, the vast majority of people listening to this show right now, who go out, earn a living, maybe they don't do their dream job, maybe they do a job they hate, but they do it because they have to put food on the table.

"They're paying the bills, they're also paying the taxes to pay for themselves. A majority of them, 52% of them who went out to vote [have backed Brexit]."

However her guest insisted that he was right to forsake a paid job for the sake of his campaign, adding "I'm doing something that helps the country."

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