Julia Hartley-Brewer argues with Royal journalist over whether the Royal Family are lucky

'Prince Harry's comments have been misinterpreted as he's an inexperienced interviewee', says Royal commentator

Prince Harry said no Royal Family member wants to be King or Queen

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Royal magazine editor Ingrid Seward had a heated discussion with Julia Hartley-Brewer over Prince Harry's comments and whether the Royal Family are lucky.

Prince Harry has told US magazine Newsweek that no-one in the Royal Family wants to become King or Queen, but despite this said "we will carry out our duties at the right time."

Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine=, told Julia: "I think that Harry’s words are being slightly misinterpreted. I think what he meant is that nobody particularly wakes up and thinks 'gosh I want to be King.'

"Harry isn’t that experienced at giving interviews and he’s got rather tripped up on this one."

Julia went on to speak about the Royals being constrained on issues such as marriage, but Seward claimed Royals are not told who they can marry.

However when asked if Prince William could have married a gay Jewish man, Seward said it probably wouldn't be allowed, but claimed "this is the most ridiculous argument, are we talking about Harry or are we talking about your crazy Republican ideas?"

This led into an argument between the pair about how the interview was being conducted. 

Julia then moved on to say that it is "unfair to put this burden of duty" on Royals who haven't chosen it. But Seward argued that "they’re very lucky to have a path to follow because most people don’t have a path to follow.

"I think that having too many options makes your life more complicated and more difficult."

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