Julia Hartley-Brewer asks Brexit critic Lord Adonis: 'Why can't Remainers stop campaigning against Britain?'

Theresa May has flown to China on a trade mission

Theresa May has left the Brexit chaos behind to embark on a trade mission to China

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Julia locked horns with a leading critic of Brexit this morning, with our mid-morning presenter asking "Do you not think it would be better if Remainers didn't campaign against Britain's interests?"

Lord Adonis appeared on Julia Hartley-Brewer as Theresa May faced fresh criticism from a former Brexit minister.

Lord Bridges said that May's Brexit plan had descended into "pointless waffle," adding that the transition period will be a "gangplank into thin air."

Adonis, who served in Tony Blair's policy unit and has since led the National Infrastructure Commission, said May should have cancelled her current trade trip to China, as there's no way the Chinese companies are going to do a deal with a "lame duck" Prime Minister, without any knowledge of what Britain's future trade relationship with the EU will look like.

Instead of this "PR stunt", Adonis said, she should be in Brussels negotiating a trade deal.

But Julia responded by suggesting Adonis, who has never stood for election as an MP, has "no mandate" to take such a leading role in criticising Brexit, and ridiculed Remainers' attempts to undermine Brexit through 'Project Fear.'

The debate was joined by Labour MP Kate Hoey, a leading advocate of Brexit, who said Adonis should use his public profile to champion the benefits of Brexit and push the EU for a free trade deal.

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