Julia Hartley-Brewer asks Lord Adonis: 'Why do you Remoaners think we'll have to start our trade deals from scratch?'

Julia Hartley-Brewer said there's no way we'll have to start from scratch in our trade talks after Brexit

Julia Hartley-Brewer took on Lord Adonis this morning

Monday, February 26, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer had an animated debate with Lord Adonis this morning, asking the anti-Brexit Labour peer why he believes we'll have to "start from scratch" in our post-Brexit trade negotiations.

Julia also called Adonis a "Remoaner" and said he should "get out more", as they discussed Britain's prospects of securing good trade deals after we leave the European Union.

Our guest took umbrage at Julia's suggestion that the EU is inept at negotiating trade deals, and claimed Britain would take even longer to broker deals outside the bloc, as we'd have to start afresh.

Julia countered by saying there was no basis for this suggestion, adding that Brexit voters simply want to "take their country back" by quitting the EU.

The pair also discussed Jeremy Corbyn's headline speech in Brexit today. Tranches released ahead of the speech suggested that Corbyn would advocate a bespoke relationship with Brussels and warn that the EU is not "the root of all our problems."

Adonis sounded a note of optimism ahead of the speech, suggesting that Corbyn was "on a journey". But Julia suggested that the Labour leader is fundamentally a eurosceptic and will never change

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