Julia Hartley-Brewer comments on resignation of Sir Michael Fallon

Julia Hartley-Brewer comments on resignation of Sir Michael Fallon

Our host made a statement at the opening of her show

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has said she is saddened by Michael Fallon's resignation but suspects there will be more allegations against him.

Fallon apologised to Julia over touching her knee in 2002, however Julia has said she is not a victim of sexual harrassment and didn't want to be part of the "witch hunt."

Following the Defence Secretary resigning, Julia said: "We all know, don’t we, and lots of the papers are hinting at the fact there may be other revelations to come.

"My sources in and around Number 10 suggest this is the case. They certainly also suggest it was not entirely Sir Michael Fallon’s decision to go."

She also revealed that she has contacted Fallon and said "he has responded and I'm delighted to say he doesn’t hold me responsible for this.

"I was always of the view that Sir Michael Fallon was a rather good minister, a rather safe pair of hands. I’m very saddened by the decision to resign.

"But if it is the case there are further allegations which would more damaging to him and to the government, then that is the decision for him to go."

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