Julia Hartley-Brewer condemns 'incompetence and incredulity' in Worboys case

The High Court overruled the Worboys decision

The High Court overruled the Worboys decision

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer has condemned the “incompetence and incredulity” of the Parole Board in the John Worboys case, while defending Nick Hardwick, the former Parole Board chief who resigned over the rapist John Warboys ruling. 

Speaking to Ian Lawrence from the National Association of Probation Officers, Hartley-Brewer said: “He stood by the Parole Board decision, but that’s what you have to do. He’s a good man. I rate him really highly. He’s always spoken truth to power.” 

Lawrence  replied that “Nick Hardwick will be a great loss. I want to know more about why ministers aren't being called to account for what they've done to the criminal justice system generally. Privatising probation, cuts to the police, cuts to the courts, cuts to forensic services, I’m not surprised crucial information was missing [in the Warboys case].

“We understand the furore, but many of our members were disappointed that Nick Hardwick has to go.”

Hartley-Brewer added; “The conclusion of high court was absolutely damning. This wasn’t another man, another rapist, convicted of one crime. This case was huge. 

“Bizarrely, the Parole Board members seemed to be the only people who didn’t know his history. But also the fact that they seemed to take as gospel truth the fact he had converted to religion – I don’t see how that’s relevant – and that he was a changed man. It seems a level of utter incompetence and incredulity.”